Two women holding their adopted dog"Working with Diamonds in the Ruff has been a fantastic experience! DITR’s training, temperament evaluation, and commitment to supporting placement of the dogs they work with has led to an impressive 100% placement success rate for dogs selected for evaluation from our shelter, allowing us to free up much-needed space for new arrivals.

An added bonus has been the promotion of our shelter and services within our community and beyond.  DITR’s evaluation process involves getting dogs out and about to experience a wide variety of settings and to meet all kinds of people. In addition to utilizing 'adopt me' apparel during outings, DITR  uses various social media platforms to allow the general public to follow each dog’s journey and to make people aware of the great work the organization and its partners are doing. This exposure along with invitations to apply for featured dogs has led to multiple adoptions.

The mission of the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control (FOAC) is to end euthanasia of adoptable pets at the shelter by providing healthy and loving environments for the pets in our care, promoting public education about pet overpopulation and the benefits of adoption, and by finding quality forever homes where pets will receive compassion and care throughout their lifetimes.

Collaboration with DITR has resulted in immediate and long term benefits for our dogs and for our shelter. I unequivocally recommend DITR as a top tier partner to shelters that aim to accomplish similar missions and initiatives."

Barbe Shackelford, Director, Friends of Campbell County Animal Control (FOAC)

Diamonds in the Ruff of Virginia can help your organization by:

  • Reducing demands on your staff and volunteers
    • DITR applicants are fully screened and approved by our associates including home visits and reference checks.
    • All of your organization’s required applications and fees will be collected and delivered by DITR associates following placement of dogs.
  • Maintaining and training your dogs in preparation for placement.
  • Opening precious shelter space through the use of our approved fosters.
  • Reducing barriers to adoption through evaluation and training of dogs by DITR.
  • Reducing rates of dogs returned to shelters through careful matching, education, and ongoing support offered by DITR.
  • Promoting your organization through community-based appearances and social media.