Dog with family
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Dog with family

For a long time, we thought that a dog could add a lot of joy to our family, but it would have to be the perfect dog.  Our children have very high needs, and we couldn’t handle the responsibility of choosing and training a dog on top of the high demands already placed upon us.

We were also concerned about what would happen if we tried it and our family just couldn’t adapt to having a dog in our lives.

Diamonds in the Ruff took care of our concerns and matched us with the perfect dog for us. Before starting the process, Tiffany spent significant time getting to know our family and its unique challenges.  She gave Chance the training that he would need to fit into our home; all we had to do was learn the skills to help him maintain that training and carry it over into our home. She also thoroughly vetted Chance to make sure that he would do well with our children’s unique challenges. Chance has brought so much joy to our family! Our children love him, and this relationship is already producing positive fruits. Chance also loves his new family and is extremely happy and loving life!

Thanks so much for everything!!!



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Oh my gosh thank you to Tiffany she is the best dog trainer ever. We got Copper last Saturday from her and cannot say enough great and wonderful things about her. Tiffany helped us decided what would be the best fit for our family with a dog. I am disabled army vet along with my wife and would definitely recommend for her to work with all veterans. I know she loves helping veterans and their families. I just wanted to say thank you again for all you have done for our family. Copper is the greatest dog ever.

Thanks again from the Jones family.