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Everyone thinks they have the best dog…And none of them are wrong.

W.R. Purche

We believe that setting up dogs and their people for success is key to supporting ideal lifelong matches. DITR focuses on three major areas in order to accomplish this important task - knowledge, education, and support.

Knowledge - getting to know our applicants & dogs

Finding the best dog for a home or the best home for a dog is a matter of compatibility. For this reason DITR dedicates a great deal of time and effort toward getting to know both our applicants and dogs. Our screening and application process is designed to help us gather information about the wants, needs, limitations, and strengths of both so that we can make the best possible match. 

Education - teaching dogs and their people a common language and expectations

Good communication  and clear expectations help to create a solid foundation for a successful relationship between dogs and their new families.  DITR teaches dogs and their people a set of basic commands, routines, and expectations in order to build this foundation.  

Support - during and after placement

Having access to a knowledgeable trainer, especially one that has worked with a specific dog, can help to ease the transition to a new household for dogs and their adoptive families. For this reason, DITR trainers are available for follow-up on and off-site education and training during the first 30 days after placement, and DITR associates remain available for consultation thereafter.  

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Our goal is to set our Diamond Dogs and their people up for long-term success through a combination of careful screening, in-depth evaluation, matching, placement and follow-up support - - all critical components to achieving our mission and to supporting the lifelong health and happiness of dogs and people alike.

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