Diamonds in the Ruff

What we do:

Screen and select local shelter dogs with excellent temperament
Train and evaluate selected dogs for up to 30 days in the home of a professional trainer
Match dogs with our applicants for mutual compatibility
Provide  training, education, and support to ensure positive outcomes

The mutually positive benefits of human-animal interactions are well known.  Amongst animals, dogs are unique in their ability to bond with us.  Many dogs living in shelters have the potential to change a person’s life. The mission of Diamonds in the Ruff (DITR) is to improve lives on both sides of the human-animal equation by bringing dogs in need together with the people that need them most.

DITR is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization that carefully matches shelter dogs with individuals and families impacted by disability and sets dogs and their people up for lifelong success - giving abandoned, neglected, and displaced dogs opportunities to play central roles in the lives of people impacted by disability as beloved pets, friend, and life partners.

In order to accomplish our mission, we use an in-depth process of matching, screening, evaluation, training, placement, and follow-up support developed by professional service dog trainers in collaboration with shelter specialists.  Our services focus on reducing barriers to adoption and on finding and supporting ideal dog-applicant matches through one of our three mission pathways:

girl with dog
lady and man with dog

Service Dog

lady in a wheelchair and service dog

While DITR does not offer trained Service Dogs, we do place select dogs with  Assistance Dog  International  Accredited  Training programs to become  highly trained service dogs.

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Emotional Support/
Companion Dogs

man and dog

The majority of our dogs will follow this  pathway and will be matched with individuals and families impacted by disability, or others, such as veterans suffering from PTSD or depression. These dogs offer unconditional love and companionship, promote well-being, encourage social interaction, and much more.

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Therapy Dog

boy reading book to two dogs

Therapy dog candidates will become part of a registered therapy team along with their owner/handler and will visit facilities such as hospitals, rehab centers, and schools providing comfort and promoting health and wellness by calmly interacting with all types of people.

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Dog in cageA message to our Collaborative partners…

DITR is deeply grateful  to the dedicated and hard working people at “ground zero” in our local animal control, rescue, and shelter organizations for their tireless efforts to improve the lives of dogs in need.  We rely heavily on these knowledgeable and passionate professionals and volunteers to create ideal opportunities for dogs in their care to live the happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives that that they deserve.

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